Discovering Tram Chim National Park through the green tour
Update: Sep 14, 2015
(TITC) - Recently, Centre for Tourism and Environmental Education - Tram Chim National Park (Tam Nong District, Dong Thap Province) has officially put into operation of  the green tour discovering Tram Chim National Park.

This is the green tour because visitors will move by environmentally friendly transport means, such as electric cars and solar energy tourist boats.

The tour route has a total length of about 12km with duration of 35 minutes. For the first 4km, visitors take electric cars with the speed of 30km/h. In the last 8km, visitors take solar energy tourist boats with the speed of 15km/h. The special feature of solar energy tourist boats is no noise and do not affect the lives of animals, especially birds. Therefore, visitors will hear the sounds of waves lapping against boats and birds only.

Each tour can serve maximum of 12 visitors. The price of entire route is VND700,000.

Located in the central area of ​​Dong Thap Muoi, belonging to the lowest area of Mekong River, Tram Chim National Park has the natural area of 7,588ha and spreads over 6 communes of ​​Tan Cong Sinh, Phu Duc, Phu Tho, Phu Thanh A, Phu Thanh B, Phu Hiep and Tram Chim Town (Tam Nong District, Dong Thap Province). The park owns the beautiful natural landscape and is considered as a miniature Dong Thap Muoi in Southern region.

Tram Chim National Park has about 130 species of flora, distributing into 6 typical ecological community types of Dong Thap Muoi area, namely cajeput, lotus, ghost rice, tube grass, Ischaemum rugosum, and Eleocharis dulcis. The fauna system is also diversified with more than 130 species of freshwater fish, 132 species of water bird, typically red-headed crane – the largest bird in the family of stork in danger of extinction in the world.

To Tram Chim in the flooding season (from July to November), visitors will have the opportunity to admire untouched green mangrove forests, grasslands, rice... succeeding each other on the vast expanse of water river and flocks of water birds following to fly in the sky.

Thu Giang