Dam Sen Water Park

Location: Dam Sen Water Park belongs to District 11, Ho Chi Minh City, at the corner of Lac Long Quan and Hoa Binh Streets.
Characteristic: The park's infrastructure is divided into 30 parts and features several activities, restaurants, and shows, including a smaller reproduction of the Giac Vien Pagoda, the Thuy Ta floating restaurant, a lake similar to West Lake in Hanoi where one can fish, a puppet show, a bird garden, a water park, a sports center, and the Nam Tu Royal Garden.

Dam Sen Water Park is inside an entertainment, enjoyment, shopping complex, it has 26 types of water entertainment equipment they are unique and a wave pool of surface of 3000m2 under green trees is an joyful entertainment address ideal for your family and you after days of working and studying that are full of stress.

When you arrive at Dam Sen Water Park you feel immediately about a green island in the middle of the city. Breath in deeply to enjoy the fresh air of romantic nature and you enjoy the waves of up and down as if carressing you. You young people would like to conquer the height? You shall be challenged with strong feeling games such as: high speed Kamikaze of height 19m, or you become Tarzan in the film studio of the games Rope swinging overcome waterfall, as for those of you who love peaceful feeling you can have your body inside the water of the Wandering river floating along the stream of length of 400m or really relaxed with Massage Pool in the middle of green nature. And still more interesting games waiting for you to discover and to conquer.

In order to bring to tourist new feelings the past year the Park always invest, upgrading more new games; such as high speed slide Tornado, of height of 20m, length 119m, Black Thunder slide with sound, and lighting effects that are special unique, Multi Slide with 4 lanes for you and your family to test the talents who is the fastest; Love Storm height 12m with 3 unique turing twisting. Especially in summer of to 2006 the park introduced into operation that is completely new and unique: Twister Space Bowl slide .

When you arrive at the park you really have peace in mind when you participate in the games of the park because there is always a group of professional rescuers who are ready to support and care for you. Moreover, the park has a system of conters selling fast foods and 400 seats restaurant with nice menus, food attractively repaired ready to serve custumers.


Dam Sen Water Park is the place that brings you joy and new feelings.

Add: 03 Hoa Binh St., Ward 3, District 11, HCM City


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