Dam Sen Cultural Park

Location: 03 Hoa Binh St., Ward 3, District 11, HCM City
Characteristics: Dam Sen Cutural Park is one of largest and most modern parks in the country with area of approximately 50 ha.

- Dam Sen is a harmonic association of two cultures: gardens rich of Oriental characteristics such as Nam Tu Thuong Uyen (Southern Royal Garden) with flowers, ancient ornaments, bonsai, and a large garden of orchids of strains all over the country. On the other side of the lake, European garden and Roman Square are located in style of Western architecture.


- Along with natural landscape, Dam Sen is an attracting place for entertainment for children and juvenile: Youth Entertainment Place, Animal Circus, water puppetry, or sensational games such as Overcoming Waterfall, Roller Caoster, Discovery of Virtual World, Ferris Wheel 60m high, and Flying Trapeze, Spinning Coaster, Hausted Castle. Annually, the Park invests in new modern games of the world.


- Imposing shows: Laser show and movies presentation on water screen,... and a Dinosaur Park.


Restaurants throughout the park: Dam Sen Floating restaurant, Thanh Truc, Huong Trang, Hoa Hong, Doi Hong.


- Beside, Dam Sen Cutural Park ususlly organnizes many cultural activities and festival like: Kings Hung anniversary, tourism celebration party, the libration of South Vietnam, Spring flower festival Sounthen Area festival...



Dam Sen Fitness Center is situated in Dam Sen Cultural Part near the Dam Sen Floating Restaurant, Dam Sen Supermarket and Dam Sen Water Park.
This is a cool and clean place that is desirable for people to do exercises.Dam Sen Fitness Center has three tennis courses with international standard. Most of the contests both internal district and city wide are organized at there.
Moreover, there are health services such as: massage, steam, water acupuncture, Jacuzzi, relaxation, beauty salon, and a coffee bar with cable television.

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