Passionate 2015 Lam Kinh Festival
Update: Oct 06, 2015
The 2015 Lam Kinh Festival opened on October 4 at the Lam Kinh Historical Site in Tho Xuan District, Thanh Hoa Province.

This year’s festival commemorates the 597th anniversary of the Lam Son Uprising; 587 years since King Le Thai To was enthroned; and his 582nd death anniversary.

The event drew the participation of delegates from ministries, departments and provincial offices as well as thousands of local people and tourists from across the country, who flocked to the historical site of Lam Kinh in Tho Xuan District to pay tribute to the Le Kings.

The ceremony featured a variety of traditional rituals in commemoration of the Vietnamese ancestors.

In addition to the traditional ceremony, art performances were organised, which re-enacted important historical events in the ten-year resistance war against the Ming invaders, including the ceremony when Le Loi and his soldiers took their fighting vows, Le Loi’s battles and his coronation.

The festival also featured a series of art performances and folk games.

The annual festival honours national hero Le Loi, also known as Le Thai To, the first king of the Vietnamese Le dynasty, as well as the heroes and civilians who joined the Lam Son Uprising against the Chinese Ming invaders to take back national independence.

The 2015 Lam Kinh Festival is part of activities to celebrate the 2015 National Tourism Year – Thanh Hoa. The event is expected to contribute to promoting the beautiful image of Thanh Hoa’s landscape and people.