Where to go in October
Update: Oct 08, 2015
If you’ve ever visited Viet Nam, you probably know that October is the best time to take tours to the highlands of the country. Da Lat, Sa Pa and Ha Giang are known to be the best among the suggested tourist sites.

Enjoying Tam Giac Mach (Triangle Oast) flowers in Ha Giang

Ha Giang province is famous for the luring fields of Tam Giac Mach flowers, often in full blossom over a period of 3 months, from October to December.

Apart from the flowers, visiting Ha Giang, tourists also have the chance to admire the grandeur of the landscapes, especially the mountains in Quan Ba district, the terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi, the Hmong king’s palace in Sa Phin valley, and the flag pole in Lung Cu, the land in the far north of the country.

 Discovering golden terrace fields in Sa Pa

Sa Pa, a district of the northwestern province of Lao Cai, is famous for terraced rice paddy fields in the harvest season. Sa Pa is beautiful all year round but most visitors seek to reach Sa Pa in October, for this is the time the rice in the terraced fields is  ripe and ready for harvest.

Sa Pa townlet, the capital of Sa Pa district, is well known for a number of attractive destinations, such as the Silver Waterfall, the foggy Heaven Gate, and the Love Market held each Saturday.

 Getting lost in the wild sunflowers in Da Lat

Well known for various kinds of flowers, Da Lat city is, however, often remembered with the image of the golden wild sunflower, often in full bloom in October.

The wild sunflower is most attractive on the morning when the dawn has just broken the darkness. It is the time when the dew is still lingering on the yellow petals of the flowers and the whole city seems to be covered in yellow.

Such a brilliant and splendid flower fades very quickly, in just 2 or 3 weeks. Therefore, if you really wish to admire the “yellow season” in Da Lat, you must be prepared to be there as soon as the flower starts blooming.