Hoi An International Food Festival to open
Update: Mar 14, 2016
(TITC) – Twelve renowned international chefs from 12 different countries around the world will showcase their talents in the Hoi An International Food Festival which will take place from March 14-20, 2016, at An Hoi Sculpture Garden and Hoi An Ancient Town.

The festival will be the first international food event organized in Hoi An which contributes to highlighting the brand name of Hoi An’s cuisine and gives chefs the chance to exchange experience with international cuisine experts. The 12 international chefs are from Greece, Mauritius, Turkey, Sweden, Britain, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Russia, India, Sri Lanka and France.

The festival is also expected to attract the participation of chefs from 12 restaurants in Hoi An including Cargo Club, Morning Glory Restaurant, Inflame Club, Mango Rooms, Mango Mango, Seafood Garden, Hai Café, Rice Drum Restaurant, Tam Tam Café, Vinh Hung Restaurant, Banana Leaf Café, Seedlings.

The event is launched in the evening of March 14, at An Hoi Sculpture Garden where each int’l chef selects randomly one of the above restaurants to recreate their traditional dishes with Vietnamese ingredients. The restaurants is decorated following the cultural style of each int’l chef’s country during the festival.

Coming to the festival, visitors will be introduced about traditional crafts, cuisine of Hoi An and try various kinds of international food.

Hoi An International Food Festival is an opportunity to promote Hoi An’s culinary value and introduce the beauty of the World Heritage Site Hoi An Ancient Town to the world.

Thanh Tam