Viet Nam tourism, food spotlighted in Argentina
Update: Oct 25, 2016
The Viet Nam Embassy in Argentina organised an event to promote Vietnamese tourism and cuisine in Buenos Aires’ La Plata city on October 20. 

Opening the event, Claudio Aguilar, Vice President of the Federation of Hotel and Gastronomy of Argentina (FEHGRA), stressed that Viet Nam is a favourite destination of Argentineans for its cultural diversity and scenic sites. 

The country’s history and food are also a big draw to international tourists, he said. 

A representative from the Viet Nam Embassy introduced to participants Viet Nam’s history, culture, UNESCO-recognised heritage, and tourist destinations, saying room for the two countries’ tourism cooperation remains extensive. 

The event featured various tourism publications, the screening of the “Welcome to Viet Nam” video by the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry, and traditional Nem (spring rolls). 

A day earlier, hundreds of Vietnamese and Argentinean students gathered in a cultural exchange at Cordoba city.