Island district looks to boost tourism
Update: Jan 11, 2017
Local authorities of the Phu Quy island district in the central province of Binh Thuan have spared no effort in promoting local tourism.

The locality has concentrated on developing its sea tourism products, which aim to provide green and sustainable tourism.

The district has invested in sea route infrastructure, widening existing local roads, building a dyke system along the sea line, and developing wind-based electricity generation.

“Since early 2016, local tourism has scored significant achievements, especially when the district received electricity from inland,” said Ta Minh Nhat, chairman of Phu Quy island district. “More than 7,000 tourists came to the island last year”.

Nhat also appreciated efforts by local agencies in promoting the image of the island to tourists throughout the country.

There are five ship routes transporting tourists to and from the island, which helped carry more than 100,000 visitors to the island and return inland, a 58 percent increase against the same period in the previous year.

Nhat said this year, the localities would further promote tourism and co-ordinate with more tourism companies inland.

“Environmental hygiene will be a priority, while eco-tourism products like sea fishing will be used more effectively,” Nhat said, “We aim to establish a tourism destination based around Safety, Friendliness and Quality.”

Local leaders have drafted a tourism plan with vision to 2020, in which the localities will call on investment for setting up a team of express ships, infrastructure at the local airport, ship docks, restaurants and hotels as well as diversified tourism products.

There are five tourism sites on the island, namely Doi Dua Beach, Bai Nho-Ganh Hang Tourism Site, Mo Thay Tourism Site, Trieu Duong Bay Tourism Site and Tranh Islet Tourism Site.

By the end of last year, there were 20 hostels and guess houses in the district, offering 100 rooms meeting tourism standard to tourists.

Phu Quy district comprises a total of ten islands, with Phu Quy island being the largest.

The island’s area measures and is located 120km southeast of Phan Thiet city. There are many pristine beaches on the island.

The highest point on the island is 106m high. The north of the island is rocky, while the south consists mostly of sandy beaches.