Ca tru Ha Noi Festival 2017
Update: Feb 28, 2017
Ca tru Ha Noi Festival 2017 took place on 22 February at Van Phuc Village Cultural Centre in Ha Dong Dstrict.

The youngest singer Nguyen Thuc Trinh at the festival (Photo:

The event was held by Ha Noi City’s Department of Culture and Sports to access professional activities of Ca tru clubs in the city and encourage young talents to exchange and improve singing skills and techniques.

It contributed to promoting the teaching of Ca tru in localities and introducing the art to people, preserving and promoting Ca tru arts in the city.

The event drew the participation of 30 singers from clubs in seven districts.

The eldest artisan is Nguyen Thi Khuou (91 years old) from Ca Tru Chanh Thon Club, Phu Xuyen District. While the youngest singer is Nguyen Thuc Trinh (8 years old) from Ca Tru Lo Khe Club, Dong Anh District.