Xam singing performance at Ha Noi pedestrian street
Update: Mar 27, 2017
A Xam singing performance will be performed at le Thai To street under pedestrian street zone by Hoan Kiem lake in Ha Noi at 8:15 pm on March 24th.

The performance will be carried out by Xam Ha Than group to pay tribute to inventors and great artists of Xam singing, including, including artisan Ha Thi Cau and Prof. Dr. Phan Minh Khang. Artist Mai Tuyet Hoa will perform a song which was learnt from artisan Ha Thi Cau.

Xam Ha Thanh group in Ha Noi include many familiar singers such as Thuy Ngan, Hanh Nguyen, Mai Tuyet Hoa, Nguyen Quang Long, Pham Dung, Tran Hau, Le Trung Chinh and Phan Tien.

The event will also draw the participation of students from Trung Tu primary school in Dong Da district, and Tran Quoc Toan primary in Hoan Kiem district; and Korean American Professor Jin Hi Kim. Professor Kim and artists from Xam Ha Thanh group will play a piece of traditional Korean music with kŏmungo, Korean long board zither, and Vietnamese musical instruments.

Newly composed Xam songs such Four Seasons of Flowers in Hanoi, Drunken Husban, Be Free to Get Married will be performed at the event.