Kon Tum to promote cultural exchange in ASEAN community
Update: Jun 23, 2017
Promoting artistic cultural exchange in the ASEAN community is one activity of the Central Highlands Kon Tum provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, under the planned implementation of goals of the ASEAN Socio-cultural Community until 2025.

The Kon Tum provincial Department for Foreign Affairs and relevant departments, committees and agencies, People’s Committees of districts, and the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism will diversify forms of advertising and tourism attraction in the province; promote activities to build ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community in collecting, preserving and promoting intangible cultural values, especially intangible culture heritages of the community of ethnic minority people in the province; promote artistic cultural exchanges and sports activities in ASEAN community to improve opportunities for international integration in culture; further popularize the image of Vietnamese culture, people and land, including the land and people in Kon Tum province; and introduce cultural heritage of Viet Nam and Kon Tum to ASEAN countries.

The Kon Tum provincial Department for Foreign Affairs will also coordinate to organize and participate in events in commercial and tourism promotion activities to popularize the image and land of Viet Nam and the province to international friends in general and ASEAN countries in particular, gradually building and developing business culture in ASEAN.