Another five-star train added to Sai Gon - Nha Trang route
Update: Jul 18, 2017
The Saigon Railway Transport Branch has put into use a five-star modern train which was designed by domestic engineers.

The train, running on the Sai Gon - Nha Trang route, has a modern design with a wider and clearer inside space than the traditional train.

The 56-seat carriages are as convenient as an airplane with luggage rack and battery charger, semi-automatic doorways, and toilets with waste treatment system that meets environmental sanitation standards.

It is designed domestically to reduce costs, but still has features like soundproofing and fireproofing. The bed carriage is made of white composite.

The train departs from Sai Gon at 20h30 and arrives in Nha Trang at 05h27, while the return starts from 20h06 and arrives at 04h04.

Aiming to stimulate demand during the peak summer season, the railway sector has applied preferential fares from VND280,000 to VND485,000 per person, depending on the type of seats, from August 14th. Passengers buying tickets 20 days before the departure will enjoy a 20%-30% discount.

This is the second five-star train on the Sai Gon - Nha Trang route, which now has six pairs of trains operating daily.