Vinh Long: Exhibit spotlights Viet Nam’s betel chewing tradition
Update: Nov 27, 2017
An exhibition on Viet Nam’s tradition of chewing betel leaf and areca nut opened in the Mekong Delta province of Vinh Long on November 23.

Utensils used in betel chewing practice are on display at the exhibition

The displayed include some 240 objects, documents, and photos featuring utensils used in betel chewing practice like specialised containers for betel, areca, and lime, knives to chop areca nut, and spittoons.

At present, the custom of betel chewing is not as popular as in the past but the betel leaf and areca nut still occupy an important place in Vietnamese culture. They are indispensable part of weddings and festival celebrations like Tet (Lunar New Year Holiday).

These are occasions when not only the elderly  but the young people also indulge in the habit.

The event, held by the provincial department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Southern Women’s Museum, is running at Vinh Long Museum until March 30, 2018.