One of the best soups for a chill autumn day, pho
Update: Oct 08, 2018
American gourmet and wine magazine Saveur has listed pho broth among the best Asian soups to warm your stomach this fall.

A bowl of pho at a restaurant on Ly Quoc Su Street, Ha Noi. Photo by VnExpress/Bao Ngoc

As the chilly gusts of wind blow in, opting for a hot bowl of soup is not a bad idea. As a cold cure, appetizer or main course, the soup is a great dish to have in fall, it said.

From the immense diversity of soups in Asian cuisine, Saveur’s editors picked their list of 17 Asian soup recipes with two versions of Viet Nam’s comfort food.

Pho is a kind of rice noodle served with beef or chicken slices. Its nutritious broth is made from simmered bone stock and herbs.

The New York-based magazine covers a variety of soups, from noodle-based soups to less conventional ones, and beef pho is first in the list.

Saveur recommends an unconventional beef pho recipe, in which a short rib is added beside mere beef slices. For a richer broth, the bones need to be roasted before their long simmer, it said.

Chicken pho in Ha Noi. Photo by Ngoisao/Parsley

Another version of pho, Ha Noi-Style chicken pho, is also named in the list. The recipe suggests a short simmer of the chicken flesh since anything longer could make the meat flat. 

Last year Lonely Planet travel expert Tasmin Waby named pho broth as one of the best hangover cures for its rehydrating power and protein boost.

The list also features Japanese soba noodle soup, Yunnan-style breakfast noodle soup and Thai boat noodle soup.

Pho is a proud representative of Vietnamese cuisine. It was named among the world’s best foods in a CNN poll last year, and is a constant favorite with local foodies and visitors to the country.

Pho is without doubt best served in its home country. As one of the name suggests, it is best to experience the “Ha Noi-style” pho in Ha Noi. It is the best to head to the northern part of Viet Nam this fall, where the cold weather could help you fully experience the warming power of the soup.