Flower villages busy for Tet
Update: Jan 13, 2020
Major flower villages across Viet Nam are busy harvesting and delivering flowers to markets before the 2020 Lunar New Year (Tet) holiday begins.
A flower garden in Xuan Quan village
Fields of manifold flowers, including chrysanthemums, lilies, and gardens of peach blossoms are ready for Viet Nam’s biggest festival of the year.
Roads leading to well-known flower and ornamental plant villages of Xuan Quan and Phung Cong communes in Hung Yen province are busy these days with traders and visitors coming to choose their ideal plants and flowers for decorations during Tet. 
Nguyen Duc Duong, a visitor from Ha Noi, said, "I find so many kinds of flowers and plants available at these markets. I came here early today to pick up some of the best quality flowers and plants for Tet holiday."
Hung Yen province’s Van Giang district is also home to dozens of businesses specializing in promoting and selling local flowers and ornamental plants.
Nguyen Thi Thuy owns Thuy Cam limited company in Xuan Quan commune. She said, "We’ve prepared more than enough flowers and plants for the coming Tet holiday. Some are grown locally while some are brought in from other localities famous for flowers and ornamental plants including Sadec and Da Lat. The number of people coming to buy flowers and plants has almost doubled from last year."
Nguyen Mau Loc is confident that his garden of 1,500 chrysanthemum pots in Buon Ma Thuot City will be in full bloom as Tet arrives and he hopes for good business this year. 
"I mainly offer flowers at wholesale prices. Chrysanthemum flowers for display at home have become popular during the Tet holiday over the years. There are more and more Tet flower gardens appearing in Buon Ma Thuot City.," said Loc. 
Tendering flowers and plants for Tet holiday has brought about a good income for many ethnic people who used to focus on rice cultivation. Y Linh Nie in Cu Mgar district said he has cultivated flowers for sale for almost 10 years.
His garden of around 4000 square meters is expected to produce approximately 100,000 branches of chrysanthemum and gladiolus, earning his family around 17,000 USD.
"Chrysanthemum flowers are vulnerable and need to be well-taken care of, especially in the harsh weather conditions. These flowers require frequent care to protect them from diseases," said Linh. 
Nguyen Thi My Na of Duy Xuyen district in the central province of Quang Nam said traders have offered the local gardners higher prices for Tet flowers and ornamental plants.
She said, "Planting Tet flowers has brought us higher income than other plants. Our family provides flowers for arrangements on streets and public places, including tourist complexes such as Ba Na Hill."