Old French-style villas in capital to be examined for preservation
Update: Apr 15, 2021
More than 1,200 French-style villas in Hà Nội constructed before 1954 will be examined to evaluate their states, values and need for preservation by the Hà Nội People’s Committee.

An old French-style villa built before 1954 on Châu Long Street. VNS Photo Thúy Hằng

The Hà Nội City People's Council has requested the municipal People's Committee to direct the review and report on the status of the old villas and architectural works that were built before 1954 in the city.

The report must specify the number, addresses, current status, ownership and classification of the buildings, in addition to proposals of the management solutions in the future and the lists of old villas and architectural works in need of being maintained, renovated, embellished and preserved in 2021-2025.

The municipal People’s Committee issued a list of 1,253 villas subject to management and use according to the regulations on management and use of old villas built before 1954 in Hà Nội at the end of 2013.

In this list, there were 352 state-owned villas, 100 owned by organisations, 301 privately-owned villas and 500 villas of mixed ownership.

The old villas are mainly concentrated in five districts including Ba Đình (428 villas), Hoàn Kiếm (527 villas), Hai Bà Trưng (270 villas), Tây Hồ (14 villas) and Đống Đa (14 villas).

Officials plan to update and reissue the list of villas and architectural works built before 1954 for more effective management and use.

In addition, the city also needs to review the management and maintenance of parks and flower gardens in the city to propose solutions for investment and post-investment management