Heritage promotion
Update: Oct 06, 2021
In the complicated context of the Covid -19 epidemic, more and more online events have been held to introduce heritages to the public.
Museum of Folklore in Hoi An
Objects on display
In late August of 2021, the Museum of Folklore in Hoi An livestreamed the one-hour visit to the museum on Facebook.
The objects presented then were old rice mills that are displayed in the space for agriculture at the museum. The event was really attractive and impressive to viewers.
Reportedly, all the activities of welcoming visitors to the museum system of Hoi An Museum had to be interrupted by the Covid-19 epidemic, which has led to the interruption of offline activities of introduction and promotion of heritage values.
So, online events were considered to satisfy the public’s demands for cultural and historical knowledge in the time of social distancing.
On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, people were interested in a livestreamed programme of making tengu head in Hoi An.
Technology in heritage promotion
There are now over 2.700 exhibits in the museum system in Hoi An, except the items in storage.
They are a rich resource for online one-theme-each-month programmes of visiting Hoi An museum system.
Using technology for heritage promotion is regarded as a trend, a good solution so that the public and researchers can learn about heritages in the complicated context of the Covid-19 epidemic.
According to experts, it is necessary to digitalise the conservation and promotion of heritage values. The stories in Hoi An are considered as a push towards the digital transformation in museums and cultural industries.
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