Thanh Ha pottery in Quang Nam
Update: May 15, 2023
There are now 2 manufacturers in Thanh Ha pottery village (Hoi An city, Quang Nam province) where civil stoneware, such as penny banks, jars, pots, and bowls, is produced.

Visitors to one traditional pottery manufacturer in Hoi An

They are considered the rare places where traditional products of the 500-year-old craft village are preserved.

Thanh Ha pottery village is now owning 32 manufacturers of pottery products, including two civil stoneware ones - Nguyen Thi Thuy and Nguyen Ngu. The others are making fine art pottery as a tourism service.

Producing civil stoneware takes more time and labours than making fine art pottery and pottery souvenirs.

Thanh Ha civil stoneware is sold everywhere in Central Vietnam. However, it is limited in quantity due to manual production and it is cheap.

Penny banks in Thanh Ha Pottery Village

According to artisans in traditional pottery manufacturers in Thanh Ha ottery village, civil stoneware does not better their income and living standards.

Meanwhile, the price of materials (clay and firewood) is increasing. The people who still maintain civil stoneware production are over 60.

Recognising the importance of producing traditional civil stoneware to the preservation of pottery craft and local traditional culture, the People’s Committee of Thanh Ha Ward always has specific support to encourage the villagers to preserve and promote the traditional pottery production.

A traditional stoneware in Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Making traditional pottery in Thanh Ha

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