Newly-released stamps celebrate World Heritage sites in Vietnam
Update: Jan 10, 2024
The Ministry of Information and Communications and the Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnam Post) on January 8 issued two sets of stamps with the theme "Lunar New Year of the Dragon" to mark the most important holiday in Vietnam - the Tet Holiday.

The launch of a new stamp sheet aims to promote Vietnam's heritage among international stamp enthusiasts and collectors.

The new sheet of stamps featuring the dragon motif for the Lunar New Year 2024. Photo: Huy Ban

The set includes two individual stamps and a block of stamps depicting ascending dragons.

The first stamp with the image of an ascending dragon is said to represent the Thang Long Imperial Citadel, while the image of a descending dragon symbolizes Ha Long Bay, two UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Sites in Vietnam.

Designed in a graphic style by Vietnam Post's artist Nguyen Quang Vinh, the 80x80mm stamps will be available through the public postal network from January 2024 to June 2025.

The stamp shows a descending dragon and carp turning into dragons.

In particular, the artist has skilfully drawn the image of carp turning into dragons in the background of the stamp. The carp has many deep meanings in East Asian culture. According to folklore, the carp turning into a dragon is a mythical creature that symbolizes strength, authority, and good luck. This belief persists today, with an added connotation as a symbol of intelligence and flexibility.

Meanwhile, the stamp block depicts the reunion of the dragon family on the clouds, hoping to bring good luck to Vietnamese families on the occasion of the Tet holiday.

According to the artist, the image of nine gathering dragons represents the Mekong River, with nine meandering streams flowing into nine estuaries, bringing prosperity to the agricultural economy of Vietnam's southwest region.

The dragon mascot stamp sets are expected to bring collectors joy while showcasing the Vietnamese people's beautiful traditional customs passed down from generation to generation.

The stamp with the image of a rising dragon.

Stamp block celebrates the Year of the Dragon.

Jenna Duong

Hanoi Times - - January 9, 2023