Thuan Hung house takes you back in time
Update: Sep 06, 2013
Built in 1925, Thuan Hung ancient house is worth a visit in the Mekong Delta area to explore its timeless architecture and grounds.

The house now belongs to Nguyen Phung Sanh who inherited it from his grandfather Nguyen Van Ho. It is located in Thuan Hung Ward, Thot Not District, about 30 kilometers from downtown Can Tho City.


The house is an authentic example of a traditional Southern house with three areas. The house is also in the architectural style of an Asian stilt house with curved tile roof and wooden walls. The house covers about 200 square meters and its front faces toward an easterly direction maybe for good luck.


Its 300-square-meter yard is impressive with dozens of bonsai, ornamental trees and flowers. The strange thing is its part-house pillars are set up on the yard instead of on the house grounds. Moreover, the house is higher than the yard - which is typical of architecture in tropical countries to absorb air into the house and decrease rain and sunlight over the house.


The house has four pillar lines with six pillars each and decorated with six couples of parallel sentences carved in wood and nacre. Pillars outside are carved with images of the phoenix meticulously and dexterously. The house still keeps many antiques such as weapons, royal documents and paintings.


Near the ancient house, visitors can stroll around to Thuan Hung communal house, the countryside market or paper cake making village and head on a cruise to Tan Loc Islet to find out about the locals who are involved in raising fish and boat-making.