Long Hai Town - blessed with beaches and Dinh Co Temple
Update: Sep 11, 2013
Long Hai is a town in Long Dat District in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province renowned for romantic beaches, Dinh Co Temple and the Palace of Mr. Hoa.


Dinh Co Temple, which was built after the body of a 16 year old girl washed up on Long Hai Beach 186 years ago, sits on a windy hilltop overlooking the beach in Long Dien District to honor the girl, Le Thi Hong Thuy. People believe she was a sacred goddess who helps protect the local people and her grave sits beside the temple.


Two white lion statues guard the gate to the 37 stone steps that lead up to the main building that is a vast 1,000 square meters. Old trees and flowers fill the grounds. From the top of the stairs you can see Vung Tau City and Thuy Van Beach in the distance.


The sanctum of the temple has seven altars and a small statue of the girl dressed in red with a gold lame trim. Every year, there is the three-day Nghinh Co Festival on February 10-12 of the lunar calendar that attracts pilgrims from around the country.


The palace of Mr Hoa, full name of Hui Bon Hoa, who was one of the richest businessmen in Saigon in the early twentieth century is also a great place to visit. The house was built in French colonial architecture on a hill and covers about 6,000 square meters. The palace has two floors with six bedrooms, one kitchen, one living room and about 100 windows.


The house is surrounded by the whiteness and fragrance of plumeria flower trees and red, flamboyant flowers. In 1986, the palace was renovated by Dong Nai Travel Company, turning it into Palace Hotel with 18 bedrooms, one restaurant, one kitchen and a tennis court.


Moreover, touring in Long Hai, tourists can also relax on beaches and enjoy fresh seafood.