Hotels in Viet Nam among world’s cheapest
Update: Mar 11, 2014
According to UK-based website, Hanoi currently ranks second and Ho Chi Minh City sixth among the top ten cities with the cheapest hotel prices.

In 2013, the average hotel price in Hanoi was US$65.2 per night, down 20% compared to the previous year of US$81.9. Meanwhile, visitors to HCM City spent US$95.3 a night, an annual decline of 2%.

The cheapest hotel rate was recorded in Phnom Penh (Cambodia), at just US$55 a night. Siem Reap (Cambodia) finished third at US$70.2, followed by Chiang Mai (Thailand) at US$76.9, Pattaya (Thailand) at US$76.9, Riga (Latvia) at US$102, Bangkok (Thailand) at US$102, Krakow (Poland) US$103.6 and Vilnius (Lithuania) at US$107.

Meanwhile, the most expensive hotels were in Monte Carlo (Monaco) at US$331.1, followed by Muscat (Oman) at US$324.4, New York at US$309, Key West (USA) at US$285.9, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) at US$279.2, Cancun (Mexico) at US$265.9, Moscow (Russia) at US$259.2, Boston (USA) at US$252.5, Cannes (France) at US$252.5 and Geneva (Switzerland) at US$250.8.