Quick and easy Viet Nam work permits with QuickVietnamVisa.com
Update: Dec 05, 2014
With tourism growing at an exponential rate in Viet Nam, more foreigners have been seeking jobs in the country. New positions in hospitality, education, food and beverage, NGO work, etc. arise (seemingly) every day, attracting new employees from around the globe. From a travel perspective, more and more “tourists” are opting to stay in Viet Nam, joining the ever-growing “expatriate” scene.

However, laws passed by the Viet Nam Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs back in 2011 require any foreigners working in Viet Nam to possess a valid work permit. Failure to have the correct permits may result in either deportation or an inability to renew their expiring visa. With such strict work-permit laws cracking down around the country, many foreigners are facing expensive and arduous legal procedures in obtaining the appropriate permits.

As of November 2014, QuickVietnamVisa.com will be adding Work Permit support on to their long list of foreign assistance services. A trusted name in online Viet Nam Visa services, Quick Viet Nam Visa now aims to make obtaining a work permit in Viet Nam quick, painless and stress free. Quick Viet Nam Visa’s founder Van Anh explains:

“Foreigners travel to Viet Nam and fall in love with our country. They offer valuable international skills and services that can greatly benefit Viet Nam, however they face difficult legal procedures, days of translating, paperwork and visiting government offices… and many times end up giving up on the process. Our aim is to alleviate the stresses of obtaining a work permit in Viet Nam, encouraging foreign workers to settle and invest in our country.”

Tourists looking to work in Viet Nam and expatriates already settled in the country simply have to visit QuickVietnamVisa.com and follow the basic procedures of obtaining a work permit. Standard document transfers and payments are all completed online, removing the hassle of jumping from office to office. Work permits can be obtained in and around 1-2 weeks (normal and expedited services), enabling foreigners to quickly and effortlessly settle into their jobs and lives in Viet Nam. 

For more information or to begin the process, simply visit www.QuickVietnamVisa.com.

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