Viet Nam Tourism Gala in India
Update: Aug 12, 2015
The first tourism gala was held in Chandigarh, India by the Vietnamese Embassy and two domestic travel agents, Vidotour and Victoria Tour on August 10 attracting around 100 representatives of Indian travel agents and news reporters.

Vietnamese Ambassador Ton Sinh Thanh emphasised that the event took place when Viet Nam was marking its 70th National Day. With many socio-economic achievements, the country has become an attractive destination for foreign visitors.

The ambassador briefed participants on bilateral traditional friendly relations and strategic partnership in recent times, adding that bilateral exchanges of trade, investment and tourism have developed strongly.

The number of Indian tourists to Viet Nam has grown around 50% annually over the last 7 years from 12,000 visitors in 2007 to 55,000 in 2014 and expected to reach 75,000 this year.

However, tourism exchanges are still far below the two sides’ potential. Currently, the number of Indian visitors makes up only 0.07% of the total number of foreign arrivals to Viet Nam and 0.03% of Indian outbound tourists.

Ambassador Thanh pledged to create a niche for Indian visitors to Viet Nam.

On the occasion, Vido Tour and Victoria Tour introduced Viet Nam’s attractive destinations, tours, and promotional services and programmes and sought cooperative opportunities with Indian partners.

After Chandigarh, the embassy and the two travel companies will conduct similar events in Jaipur City on August 12, and Ahmedabad City on August 14.