Banh com - a fine treat of Ha Noi
Update: Sep 24, 2015
Ha Noi has many specialties on offer but one of the most renowned snacks which most visitors to the capital want to bring home as a gift for family and friends is banh com (sweet, soft and fragrant green rice cake).

Banh com originates in Vong Village, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District, around eight kilometers from central Ha Noi.

The cake is made from young rice. How to make it is a secret and in most families there, the cake making technique is passed down to sons only because people are afraid that daughters might leak the secret recipe to their husbands’ families.

It is complicated to make the cake. Whether it is glutinous and fragrant depends on the skills and experience of makers. How to choose rice, monitor heat levels from the stove, and roast and grind rice is very important.

On September 222, machinery replaces some stages of manual work but making the cake is a hard job as it does not guarantee high income. Therefore, the number of families maintaining the traditional craft in the village is on the wane.