Binh Hung Island - a new pearl of Khanh Hoa
Update: Oct 13, 2015
Binh Hung Island has shone as one of the new pearls in Cam Ranh Bay in the central province of Khanh Hoa, and wooed a lot of tourists near and far owing to its fresh seafood, pristine beaches, turquoise sea and serenity. 

Captivated by beautiful photographs of Binh Hung on the Internet, we recently spent VND150,000 (US$6.6) renting a motorbike at a small hotel in Phan Rang City in Ninh Thuan Province for a ride through some 50 kilometers to the island in Cam Ranh City in the neighboring province of Khanh Hoa. During an hour trip along the seaside National Highway 702, we saw large salt fields, green vineyards and herds of goats, cows and sheep grazing in grass fields, and colorful ships.

Upon arrival at Binh Hung ferry terminal, we bought tickets at VND10,000 each for a ten-minute ferry service to Binh Hung Island. Breezes, sunshine and gentle waves welcomed us when we set foot on the island. After a short break, we joined some other visitors to go for a swim at Binh Tien Beach and snorkel to admire coral reefs. Then we enjoyed fresh seafood as well as breezes from the calm ocean and the sweet sound of waves gently lapping against the shore.

Hon Chut Lighthouse is one of the attractions on the island, and on top of it we saw ranges of mountains bordered by the blue sea. We left the island at sunset and wished that we would have another opportunity to return to the beautiful island in Cam Binh Commune.