Climbing Ba Den Mountain summit
Update: Nov 10, 2015
Ba Den Mountain is 986 meters above sea level, the highest in the nation’s southeastern region.

Those who love mountain climbing and trekking often visit the mountain as a destination for testing their physical strength and endurance. The mountain has attracted a large number of local and foreign visitors who wanted to conquer its peak.

For them, Ba Den is an ideal place for climbing and trekking as it has many different routes, which allow them to have a fresh experience every time they climb the mountain.

According to those who usually climb Ba Den, there are at least seven ways up to the mountain at the moment.

The easiest way is to take a path leading to Ba Temple Complex because it has a staircase and a cable car system. Another route which is a bit more difficult to go is a path of utility poles which support cable lines for a mobile station on top of the mountain. Following those two routes, tourists can easily go up and down the mountain within a day.

One more easy way is a waterfall path, which perfectly suits those wanting to stop by waterfalls during the trip up the mountain summit.

The remaining ways are tough to climb and only recommended for those needing to challenge their mountain climbing skills and physical strength.

Those choosing the hard ways should make good preparations as they will have to spend around two days climbing and trekking, and bring along a backpack which weighs at least six kilograms.

Among the most difficult roads are Ma Thien Lanh, Phung Mountain and Ma Thien Luoi.

To gather a group for climbing Ba Den Mountain, you can join forums about backpacking trips and connect with those who want to climb the mountain. The other way is to find a group of climbers in HCMC because several groups of young people are formed for backpacking trips to the mountain almost on a monthly basis.

Our group has 16 members. Choosing the Ma Thien Luoi route, we had to spend two days reaching the mountain peak and one night sleeping in a cave. The tough road prevented us from moving fast and most of the time we had to trek in the woods.

At many sections, we had to hang on to lianas to climb steep cliffs and jump from cliff to cliff while carrying a heavy backpack. We have no words to describe the thrilling experience we had and the feeling of standing on top of the mountain after two days of climbing and trekking. This was an unforgettable moment.