Visiting Phan Thiet from a different perspective
Update: Nov 19, 2015
Phan Thiet City in the south-central coast province of Binh Thuan is locally and internationally famous as a paradise of stunning beach resorts. There are hundreds of beautiful resorts in Phan Thiet’s Mui Ne for domestic and foreign guests to choose as great hideaways. But when in the city, tourists should not miss a chance of visiting breathtaking sand dunes and Bau Sen (lotus lagoon).
Tourists use plastic boards to slide down sand dunes

Located in Hong Lam Village, Hoa Thang Commune, Bac Binh District, around 40 kilometers from Phan Thiet, Bau Sen is a natural fresh water lagoon which is divided into two smaller lagoons by a sand dune. The lagoon is a primary source of fresh water for Cham ethic people in the locality.

According to local people, Bau Sen is up to 19 meters deep and home to a variety of fauna and flora. In the lagoon, lotus is almost in bloom all year round and local people can collect tons of seeds a year.

It is a nice surprise to find a vast lagoon with cool water in an area where there is more sizzling sunlight than rain.

In addition to the lotus lagoon, tourists are recommended to visit sand dunes as another famous tourist attraction in Phan Thiet.

A view of Bau Sen (lotus lagoon)

The ideal time for playing on those sand dunes is before sunrise because it is cool then. On the sand dunes, tourists should not miss several interesting activities including taking a sand dune slide and driving an all-terrain vehicle.

Tourists spend VND10,000 (45 U.S. cents) hiring a plastic board to enjoy sliding down from the top of a dune. Another interesting game is to drive all-terrain vehicles on the sand. With VND400,000 per vehicle, tourists can freely explore sand dunes for 20 minutes by driving on their own or just taking a back seat.