Various activities in Hue Festival 2016
Update: Nov 20, 2015
The 9th Hue festival will take place from April 29, 2016 to May 04, 2016 with many activities.

Hue Festival is among the most expected events of this tranquil city. In this special event, a wide variety of traditional activities of Viet Nam such as calligraphy exhibition, kites playing and human chest playing are conducted. Also, re-creations of special events are carried out, such as the occasion of Nguyen Hue’s enthronement and Nguyen Dynasty’s Doctorial examinations, and performances of dance and fireworks are included.

Besides, the festival is also acombination of culture,art and tourism activities with great attraction and high community orientation, which will contribute to promoting local socio-economic development, including: “Royal Night”, “Orient Legends”, Water Music program on Huong River in Gia Hoi Park; performances of famous musicians like Kitaro and Yanni in Ngo Mon-Ky Dai Square, DJ Music Night by artist Tisetto in Tu Do Stadium, nightly art performances of international and domestic troupes; Hue International Carnival Week with International car exhibition, Beer carnival, International food, Got talent – TV show… in Thuong Bac Amusement Park; “Old perfume – Ancient village” festival in Phuoc Tich Village, Rural market festival, Traditional boat race on Huong River, Kite festival, International trade fair, Food festival and Art exhibitions.

Additionally, Vietnamese and foreign artists will join together for art performances in the Hue Citadel, An Dinh Palace and other places in the Complex of Hue Monuments.

The 'Dem Hoang Cung' (Royal Night) and 'Huyen thoai Phuong Dong' (Orient legendary) events will also be held in the Ngo Mon-Ky Dai Square.

A series of exhibitions and fairs, featuring traditional games and dishes from many localities across the country, is expected to attract many visitors.

The festival will offer the world a chance to converge and countries to meet, exchange and learn about the each others cultural identity.

Hue Festival 2016 is a destination of some art programs from cultural diversity, art heritage fo Vietnam, especially Hue culture. Some art programs in Viet Nam and the world will take place every night at the Dai Noi stage, An Dinh palace and some stages in Hue city.