Festival commemorates General Le Chan
Update: Mar 18, 2016
An annual festival commemorating General Le Chan, who is believed to be the founder of Hai Phong, was held on March 16 (the fifth day of the second lunar month).

The festival, which was recently announced as a national intangible culture heritage, attracted thousands of city dwellers and visitors.

The event opened with a procession from Nghe Temple and An Bien temple to General Le Chan square, which featured a lion dance, drum performance, palanquin procession and an octet.

It was followed by an incense offering and performances of folk arts such as ‘ca tru’ (ceremonial singing), ‘cheo’ (traditional opera) and short plays.

The festival is held to teach the country’s patriotism and traditions to descendants and raise responsibility among Hai Phong residents in building their homeland.

According to historical record, Le Chan was born in An Thuy commune, Dong Trieu town, Quang Ninh province. She is believed to move to An Duong area and establish An Bien Village, the original name of present-day Hai Phong.

She also served as a general who led locals to join the two Trung sisters' uprising against the Han Chinese invaders for national independence in the spring of 40 BC.

After the uprising’s success, she dedicated her life to boosting development in the An Bien area and defending the security of the country’s eastern region.

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