Xuan Son National Park - A destination of ecological interest
Update: Mar 31, 2016
Located in Phu Tho province, Xuan Son National Park is a perfect pick for those who are interested in discovering the pristine beauty of Mother Nature, the pure atmosphere of forests and mountains as well as the unique culture of ethnic minority groups.

The park covers 15,000 hectares in Tan Son district, ranking 12th out of 15 national parks nationwide in total area. The site was upgraded from a nature reserve to a national park under a Prime Minister-approved decision in 2002.

Visiting Xuan Son National Park, tourists can feel the intrinsic beauty of nature as the site has not yet been affected by tourism activities. Everywhere in the park is covered with the green colour of many layers of trees. Houses on stilts underneath shady trees, the murmuring sound of brooks, together with the scent of newly-harvested rice bring visitors to a land of purity.

Visitors can experience four seasons a day in Xuan Son: spring in a fresh morning, sunny summer in the afternoon, autumn with soft breezes in the evening, and winter with a little cold at night.

Notably, Xuan Son is the only national park in Viet Nam with a limestone-based primeval forest, which helps the site boast an enchanting range of flora and fauna as well as diverse geographical characteristics.

The park is home to 365 species of animals, 46 of which are listed in Viet Nam's Red Book of Endangered Species and 18 classified in the World Red Book. It is also home to a community of 32 plant species which are listed in Viet Nam’s Red Book and World Red Book.

In addition, the park has spectacular natural landscapes with hundreds of caves and three peaks - Voi, Ten and Can - with heights of over 1,000 metres each. Prominent among the caves are Na cave, which boasts inside beautiful stalactites, and Tien cave, which was formed inside a marble mountain.

Not only an opportunity to witness the picturesque scenery, visitors to Xuan Son are also invited to taste delicious indigenous dishes cooked by local people. Must-try specialities are ‘sang’ vegetable, wild boar and six-spur cock, which appeared in the legendary story “Son Tinh - Thuy Tinh” (the God of Mountain and the God of Water).

With its numerous draws, Xuan Son National Park can surely become a popular destination for eco-tourism and a lively outdoor museum, contributing to boosting the socio-economic development of Tan Son district and Phu Tho province in general.