Special ao dai show to be held on Ha Noi ancient street
Update: Apr 01, 2016
A special art programme themed ‘Sac 16’ (Beauty 16) will be held on April 2 on Dao Duy Tu Street, one of Ha Noi’s Old Quarter pedestrian streets.

Under the motto “Vietnamese culture lives on in the flat world”, the programme will showcase the traditional cultural values of Vietnamese people, and a highly anticipated ao dai will be held on the street. The show attracts famous designers and impressive ao dai collections, including ‘Con cong’ (Peacock) by Miss and designer Ngoc Han, ‘Sac Hoa’ (Flower beauty) by designer Vo Trinh Hoai Nam, ‘Sen’ (Lotus) by Trinh Fashion and ‘Hoa Tuy Lip’ (Tulip) by designer Diego.

Audiences can immerse themselves in a traditional music space with performances by singer Pham Thi Hue from the Thang Long Ca Tru Club and the Thonart traditional music band.

In addition, a calligraphy show by famous calligrapher Kieu Quoc Khanh to write directly on ao dai designed by Do Trinh Hoai Nam will take place, together with a ceramic exhibition titled ‘Sen dem’ (Night Lotus) by artisan Tran Duc Tan from Bat Trang ceramic village.

The programme aims to uphold national pride and the love for traditional values in order to preserve and promote Vietnamese cultural identities, creating a bridge between traditional and contemporary arts and contributing to diversifying cultural activities in the pedestrian streets.