Bas-relief of the nation’s father Lac Long Quan recognised as national treasure
Update: Apr 15, 2016
The Thanh Oai district People’s Committee in Ha Noi held a ceremony in Binh Da village, Binh Minh commune on April 12 to receive the Prime Minister’s decision recognising the bas-relief of the nation’s Legendary Father Lac Long Quan as a national treasure.

The bas-relief depicts the national figure seated on a throne, wearing a crown and an imperial cloak while watching a boat race.

The bas-relief, dating back from the late 19th century and early 20th century, was carved on a gilded wooden platform.

It is the only bas-relief in Ha Noi and neighbouring localities depicting the Great Father Lac Long Quan and characters in the Hung Kings era.

The recognition was one of meaningful event to commemorate the death anniversary of the nation’s Great Father Lac Long Quan and pay tribute to the nation’s Great Mother Au Co.

It also contributes to raising public awareness on the importance of preserving and promoting the values of national heritages.

Earlier in 2014, the Great Father Lac Long Quan Temple Festival in Binh Da village, which is held annually from the fourth to the sixth days of the third lunar month, was listed among national intangible cultural heritages.