Frog specialty of Co Tu ethnic people
Update: May 13, 2016
When summer comes with rain, the Truong Son Mountain Range area in the nation’s central region becomes home to different species of frog and toad.

For people of Co Tu ethnic minority group in mountainous districts in Quang Nam Province, chau chuoc or chao chuoc, or Gunther's frog in English, is the most favorite frog and summer is the perfect time for catching it.

Pham Van Quoi, a Co Tu man in Eo Village, Ba Commune, Dong Giang District, said Gunther’s frog meat is more nutritional and delicious than other frogs and toads. In wedding events, the bride’s family uses Gunther’s frog as a gift for the groom’s family.

Co Tu people usually catch the frog in the forest when night falls. Bhnuoch Tam, a local man in Ba Commune, said Gunther’s frog is smaller than the normal species. People catch the frog in two seasons when paddy starts growing.

The frog can also be caught in the daytime at streams. It can be processed into different dishes such as deep-fried frog, stir-fried frog and rice porridge with frog.