2016 Vi - Giam folk singing club festival in Hong Linh Town
Update: Aug 04, 2016
The 2016 Vi - Giam folk singing club festival will take place at the Hong Linh Town’s Centre of Culture, Information, Sports and Tourism in the central province of Ha Tinh from August 12 to 14.

(Photo: baohatinh.vn)

The festival aims to continue preserving and promoting the outstanding values of Vi-Giam folk singing in Ha Tinh Province; implement the national action program on preserving and promoting intangible cultural heritage of human beings; and creating a practical forum for Vi - Giam folk singing clubs to exchange and share experience in promoting the singing in schools and organizations.

Titled “Praising love of life, countryside, people, the Party and great Uncle Ho”, various programs will take place during the festival. Accordingly, each program is about 30 minutes. There are at least 20 minutes for performance of Vi-Giam folk songs, praising the love of life, people, countryside and the country. 10 minutes of folk songs relate to praising Uncle Ho, the Party and some renewing achievements of the economy and society.

The performing and summarizing night will be organized at 20h00 on August 14, and broadcast live on HTTV channel.