Con Vanh - new destination in Thai Binh
Update: Aug 09, 2016
Part of the Red River Biosphere Reserve which was recognized by UNESCO in 1994, Con Vanh Ecological Tourist Site is a famous destination.

Con Vanh is a rich mangrove forest, a picturesque landscape, pristine beaches and natural tranquility.

The Con Vanh Ecological Tourist Site is located in Nam Phu Commune. Covering nearly 2,000ha, it’s a relatively flat island, formed by the alluvial deposits built by the river over the years. 

In the past, people had to row a boat to reach Con Vanh because it is 7km from the mainland. Today, travelling there is easier thanks to a road connecting the island with the mainland giving visitors a more romantic way through mangroves and casuarinas forests. 

Con Vanh is bordered by a sandy beach of 6 km. Ta Hong Nhung is from Nghe An: “I was told that Con Vanh is a beautiful site. When I came here, I found it superb. The beach is clean. The sand is not as white as that of other beaches but it is very smooth. It's nice to swim here”.

Ms. Vu Thu Hien is from Quang Ninh Province: “Dong Chau, Con Den and Con Vanh are the three popular tourist sites in Thai Binh. Beaches here are beautiful, long and sandy. The landscape is imposing. The air is pure and fresh. It’s very relaxing”.

Con Vanh has a rich ecosystem. Mangrove forests are inhabited by many rare birds. Brackish marshes are home to more than 200 marine species and 170 species of algae. Tourists can sample various local specialties: shrimp, mussels, crabs and fish. 

Local people are very hospitable. Ta Thi May, a seller of seafood on the beach: "People here are very open and friendly. That’s why tourists love to come back. When the sea is calm, the water is clear. Each place has its own beauty. There are beaches good for swimming”. 

In Con Vanh, there are no luxury hotels or restaurants, but clean air and unspoiled nature. To Quoc Huong, Vice President of the Site Management Committee: "The Con Vanh beach stretches 6.8km. It is beautiful and primitive. As more and more tourists come, the site management committee has to focus on cleaning up the environment. We have also designated safe areas for swimming and created an emergency and rescue service to ensure the safety of tourists. The site remains intact with its forests of mangroves and casuarinas. We will focus on tourism promotion to make Con Vanh an attractive destination.”

To explore wilderness, enjoy fresh air and picturesque scenery, and meet hospitable people, visit Con Vanh before it becomes a tourist mecca!