A tranquil island off Quy Nhon
Update: Aug 17, 2016
Ky Co Island off Quy Nhon City has recently been suggested by experienced tour guides as a must-visit destination for travelers who want to indulge themselves in serenity.

The tranquil island is 25 kilometers north off Quy Nhon in the central province of Binh Dinh, so tourists can make a one-day visit.

From the center of Quy Nhon, tourists can travel by motorbike to Nhon Hoi Bridge that crosses Thi Nai Lagoon to reach Phuong Mai Peninsula before moving along National Highway 19B to Nhon Ly Commune. After around half an hour being wowed by sand dunes along the way lined by willow trees, they will arrive at a pier at a small fishing village in Nhon Ly to catch a boat to Ky Co.

A motorboat ride to Ky Co operated by travel companies costs more than VND200,000 per passenger.

Another option is to get on bamboo basket boats of local fishermen for traveling some kilometers in the sea before getting their fishing boats to the island. This choice takes travelers more time but offer them an opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of the sea and breezes and understand the life of local fishermen. Travelling by basket boat gives guests a memorable experience.

There is no house on Ky Co except for several thatched huts of a local company. If tourists do not bring along food, they will leave the island hungry as there is no shop or eatery on the island. Therefore, to prepare for lunch, tourists traveling to the island by boat arranged by local fishermen can ask the latter to take them to a market in Nhon Ly to buy essential items at very low prices.

Nhon Ly is home to untouched beaches with smooth sand and surrounded by high cliffs. Visitors can see schools of fish around when they swim in the crystal seawater. They can trek on the island but steep terrain may discourage many from exploring the island.

While swimming in the cool seawater, visitors will be captivated by rocks which have been naturally shaped into magnificent shapes and green hills from afar. After a seabath, they can take a bath with fresh water at bathrooms built on the island by tourist companies at a cost of VND2,000 per person.

Admiring the charm and tranquility of Ky Co, many visitors collect garbage and bring it back to mainland in an effort to keep the island clean.