Grilled skewered food is a special treat of Sa Pa
Update: Aug 26, 2016
With weather being cool all year round, Sa Pa Town in the northern upland province of Lao Cai is an ideal place to enjoy grilled food.

Visitors to this hilly town do not have to come to luxury restaurants to enjoy grilled dishes as they can find them at reasonable prices at street food stalls or markets.

What makes grilled dishes of Sapa unique is that they are all skewered and have various veggies instead of meat only.

Those preferring veggies can find a wide selection of skewered veggies like yardlong beans, eggplants, bitter melon, Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, cucumbers and carrots which are skillfully sliced.

Those veggies with pork and chicken bring the flavor of Sapa skewered food to a whole new level.

At eateries in Sapa, customers can either choose ready skewered food or grill it on the spot to eat it while it is hot.