Viet Nam-Japan cultural, trade exchange opens in Can Tho
Update: Nov 14, 2016
A Viet Nam-Japan Culture and Trade Exchange (November 11-13) has opened at the Luu Huu Phuoc Park in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho showcasing the two countries’ culture and trade items in roughly 70 exhibition booths.

Vietnamese exhibitors are primarily showcasing farm and industrial products, tourism services, food, pharmaceutical products, education and employment consultation services, consumer goods and souvenirs.

While the Japanese booths feature agricultural products, seeds, lubricants, automobiles, education, pharmacy, employment opportunities, consumer goods, souvenirs, gifts, hotels and tourism products.

Two important economic events have been planned for the event. A Mekong Delta investment conference transpired on November 11 with the participation of around 80 foreign and 300 Vietnamese organizations.

The foreign organizations represented at the event include those from Japan, Hong Kong, Israel, Australia, the Republic of Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, the UK and the Netherlands.

A trade exchange forum takes place on November 12 involving 40 Japanese organizations involved in the agriculture, information technology, hotel, restaurant, production, trade, services, education and health segments.

Visitors to the exchange will also have ample opportunities to gain better insights into the cultural identities of the two countries. An estimated 26 Japanese artists will join 103 Vietnamese artists in 33 planned performances.

The program is expected to solidify the foundation for trade and investment between the business communities of Japan and the Mekong Delta region, according to Truong Quang Hoai Nam, vice chair of the Municipal People’s Committee.