National Don Ca Tai Tu Music Festival opens in Binh Duong
Update: Apr 10, 2017
More than 5,000 local people and visitors joined a traditional musical performance to open the second National Don Ca Tai Tu Music Festival in the Binh Duong Province’s Binh Duong New City on Saturday night.

Directed by veteran composer Dinh Trung Can, the performance featured Don ca tai tu music, the prototype for vong co (traditional tunes) and cai luong (reformed opera) of southern Viet Nam. It is a part of the region’s traditional music that began about 100 years ago.

Vong co and cai luong were also presented in the opening ceremony in front of the Binh Duong Administration Central Building.

The show included hundreds of performers from arts troupes in 21 provinces in the southeast and Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta regions.

During the night, organisers Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Binh Duong Province honoured 70 performers and researchers who have made great contributions to preserving and promoting tài tử music.

Speaking at the ceremony, Tran Thanh Liem, chairman of the province’s People’s Committee, said "The festival aims to honour don ca tai tu music, which was recognised as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2013, and to call for the community to preserve and promote the art form as well."

Nguyen Ngoc Thien, minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said "The festival will contribute to raise people’s awareness in the need to preserve a national cultural heritage. It is also a chance to promote the country’s culture and tourism."

The five-day festival includes stalls to introduce activities promoting don ca tai tu music in 21 provinces and tourism products related to the art form.

Performers will tour around Binh Duong Province, offering free performances for local residents.

An exhibition showcasing 500 photos about don ca tai tu  music in the daily lives of people in southern Viet Nam is opening at the Binh Duong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

A workshop, singing contest and song-composing contest will also be held during the festival.

The second National Don Ca Tai Tu Music Festival will close on April 12 with a special performance and fireworks display.