UK, Australia, Italy to compete at Da Nang firework festival’s final night
Update: Jun 06, 2017
Fireworks  teams from the UK, Australia and Italy will compete in the final night of the 2017 Da Nang International Fireworks Festival  on June 26, heard a  press conference on June 4.

The teams are believed to bring amazing performance to audience.

The awarding ceremony will take place immediately after the performance of the teams, with the first prize winner to receive an award worth 10,000 USD. The runner-up and the third will get prizes worth 5,000 USD and 3,000 USD, respectively.

The firework festival was held annually from 2008 until 2013, then biennially from 2015.

Teams from the US and Italy have won twice, while Canada, China and France clinched the title once.