Salad with Rau Nhot
Update: Jun 08, 2017
Rau nhot is a specialty of the salty and windy area of Quynh Luu District, Nghe An Province. It is prepared in different dishes, including salad.

The salad has a salty and nutty taste

Rau nhot looks like moss-roses which mainly grows on salt fields, near swamps and shrimp raising ponds. The vegetable has a unique taste and is very good for one’s health.

It is rather simple to prepare a salad from rau nhot. Besides the main ingredient, it needs roasted peanuts, sliced carrots and lemon leaves, a dash of lemon juice, chili, sugar and salt. Soak the vegetable in clean water for one hour and boil until well done. Take the vegetables out and drain before mixing with the prepared ingredients. Top the dish with roasted peanuts.

Besides salad, the locals in Nghe An also enjoy fresh rau nhot with rice, rice vermicelli and banh muot - a type of rolled rice cake.