Programme honours Raglai ethnic people’s culture
Update: Jun 26, 2017
An arts programme, introducing the unique cultural identities of the Raglai ethnic minority people from Ninh Thuan province, will take place at the Viet Nam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Dong Mo, Son Tay district, Ha Noi, on June 24-25.

Themed ‘Giac mo Chapi’ (Chapi dream), the programme will offer visitors an opportunity to enjoy the performances with the Chapi, a traditional musical instrument of the Raglai people.

In addition, visitors will have the chance to learn about the origin of the instrument, as well as the way to make the Chapi.

During the programme, the ‘bo ma’ ritual, an important and traditional ceremonial ritual in which the Raglai ethnic group pays tribute to the dead, will also be reproduced. Raglai people believe that two separate worlds exist at the same time - one for the living and one for the dead. The ritual is believed to help the dead unite with their ancestors and become reborn into a new life.

The programme will also honour the cuisine of the Raglai people in Ninh Thuan province, including traditional food and offerings in their spiritual rituals.

Notably, the relationship between Raglai and Cham ethnic group will be introduced at the programme.

As many as 20 photos on the beauty of Ninh Thuan province, as well as activities in the daily life of local Raglai people, will be on display during the two days of the programme, which is expected to attract a large number of visitors.