Dong Van – An attractive destination in Ha Giang Province
Update: Aug 15, 2017
(TITC) - Dong Van is a highland border district of Ha Giang Province, about 150km north of Ha Giang City. Dong Van District attracts visitors thanks to fresh air and many unique tourist attractions.

Lung Cu Flag Tower

One of must-see attractions in Dong Van District is Lung Cu Flag Tower at Lung Cu Peak (also known as Rong Mountain) at an altitude of about 1,470m. The flag tower has a total height of 34.85m and octagonal shape; the tower body is decorated relieves of Dong Son bronze drum surface; the tower sole is stuck relieves describing the daily life of ethnic minority people in Ha Giang Province. Plugging in the flagstaff is a national flag with an area of 54m², representing for 54 ethnic groups of Viet Nam.

From Lung Cu Peak, visitors can admire the spectacular natural scenery of Dong Van Karst Plateau, terraced rice fields and ethnic villages. Looking down at the foot of Rong Mountain is two lakes called Dragon’s Eyes and located symmetrically on the two sides of the mountain.

Vuong Family’s Residence

Located in the middle of Sa Phin Valley, Vuong Family’s Residence is an ancient villa of Vuong Chinh Duc – who used to be regarded as a king governing Dong Van Plateau region in the late of 19th and early of 20th centuries. Built in 1919 and completed in 1928, the residence has an area of nearly 3,000m², surrounded by an arc-shaped mountain range.

Coming here, visitors will be impressed firstly by two rows of Cunninghamia trees on the way to the residence and the stone gate carved fine. Built of green stone, wood and terracotta, the residence has unique architecture with the combination of three cultures of China, France and Mong ethnic group (Viet Nam). It includes 4 transversal houses and 6 lengthwise houses with a total of 64 rooms. Surrounding the residence is the garden of many types of plants such as peach, pear, cinnamon, etc. Besides, the residence also has two blockhouses, storehouses, etc.

One of the outstanding features of the residence is the fine sculpture art. Many its parts are carved meticulously with designs of the dragon, phoenix, bat, etc which represent for prosperity and longevity. Vuong’s Family Residence has been recognized as National Art Architecture Relic since 1993.

Lung Cam Tren Cultural Village

Nested among Dong Van Karst Plateau, Lung Cam Tren Cultural Village belonging to Sung La Commune is the home to Mong ethnic group. The village attracts visitors thanks to unique customs and the beauty of landscape and people. Visiting Lung Cam Tren, visitors have the opportunity to learn about the idyllic life of ethnic minorities through hundred-years-old ancient houses, fresh green corn fields, colourful flower gardens; or enjoy specialty dishes of local people.

Visitors don’t miss the opportunity to visit Dong Van Ancient Quarter, where preserves traditional beauties of the ethnic groups of Mong, Tay, Hoa. The nearly 1km-long ancient quarter comprises 40 houses built since the early 20th century with typical architecture of the highlands such as soil walls, stone pillars, yin-yang roof tiles, etc. Especially, in the evening of the 14th, 15th and 16th days of every lunar months, Dong Van Ancient Quarter organizes the program “Night of the ancient quarter” with many interesting activities such as hanging red lanterns, performing folk songs and dances, displaying brocade products and selling traditional dishes, etc.

Highland market in Dong Van Ancient Quarter

Visiting Dong Van Ancient Quarter on the days of market sessions on weekends, visitors will have interesting experiences. Apart from trading goods, highland people in colorful brocade costume go to the markets also to meet and exchange culture.

With unspoiled and charming natural landscapes as well as unique and diversified cultural features, Dong Van is a highlight in the journey to discover Ha Giang.

Thu Giang