6 dishes you will want to taste in Viet Nam
Update: Sep 01, 2017
Whether it is a hot bowl of pho or fresh veggie rolls, every dish that is tasted on the Viet Nam holiday is certain to be wondrous. A great aspect of the Vietnamese cuisine is that it has a strong emphasis on fresh vegetables to make it quite healthy. Plus, it has zesty and fresh flavours that are sourced from basil, ginger, lemon, lime and mint.

Here are a few of the top dishes to try on your next visit to Viet Nam:



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Pho is one of the most well-known Vietnamese dishes. This simple noodle soup consists of broth, meat, traditional herbs, and it is truly delicious. A great bowl of pho has the ability to deliver an explosion of flavours – ginger, basil, and cilantro – that are certain to waken the senses. Pho is one of the many dishes that can be enjoyed on Viet Nam's wonderful street food scene and your Viet Nam travel considers incompete without trying Pho, the best city is Ha Noi.

Banh Mi

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Banh Mi (roughly translates to bread) is a further popular type of food in Viet Nam. The rolls are much like baguettes and introduced to the country by the French. They can be quite diverse in flavour with a choice of either savoury or sweet. Also, banh mi can be grilled, deep-fried, fried, baked or steamed. The breads are typically made into sandwiches and filled with a long list of ingredients, such as chilli, sauces, pickled daikon, roasted pork, coriander, mayonnaise, pate, and more.

Goi Cuon

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Goi cuon is translucent spring rolls filled with combinations of crab, shrimp, and pork, coriander and greens. This famous Vietnamese dish may be served with a bowl or mint or lettuce. Also, the southern edition of this dish has strips of barbecued pork wrapped up with star fruit and green banana, as well as a side dish of a peanut sauce.

Ca Kho To

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Ca kho to is a delightful dish. A clay pot is used to cook fish over a fire for several hours, which results in the sweet, caramelized fish. This is combined with vegetables, chilli, black pepper, garlic and sugar to make a rich soup.

Bun Cha

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A very popular item for supper is bun cha. This dish originated in Ha Noi and combines grilled pork, a lot of herbs, noodles and served in a broth or dipping sauce. In Viet Nam, this dish is a timeless recipe and enjoyed at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Nem nuong

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Nem nuong is a Vietnamese grilled meatball (usually beef or port) or grill sausage. This is a popular local food item and is heavily seasoned with lemongrass, ginger and chillies to create a very flavourful dish. While nem nuong can be eaten on its own as a snack, it is best paired with some rice noodles or greens.

Tourists on the Viet Nam private tours will discover plenty of different ways to experience the local Vietnamese cuisine that goes beyond the typical restaurants. The street food scene is not only a great way to enjoy the regional dishes, but also to get fully immersed into the local culture. Also, one of the best things to do in Viet Nam is to take a cooking class and visit a local market or farm to pick the fresh ingredients to get prepared for the meals to come.

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