7 reasons why Hoi An is an essential travel destination
Update: Sep 15, 2017
Hoi An is a wonderful place to help break up the north to south journey through Viet Nam. This city is quite relaxing and peaceful compared to many of the other places worth visiting on the Viet Nam tour like Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Here are a seven of the top reasons to include Hoi An on the tour of Viet Nam:

Street food
Similar to many of the cities in Viet Nam, the street food scene in Hoi An is very affordable and mouth-wateringly delicious. Hoi An has a few of its own specialities, such as cao lau (fat noodles served with mint and pork) and white rose dumplings. Most dishes on the menu are relatively inexpensive with prices in the region of $2 or less.

Old town
Get a true appreciation of the old-world charm of this city by exploring the Old Town. This UNESCO World Heritage was a lively spice trading centre in the 16th and 17th centuries. Today, it is still possible to wander the historic quarter with its old Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese styled homes that were once occupied by merchants, but many are now converted into bars, restaurants, antique stores and galleries.

The river
Hoi An has the picturesque waterscape of the Hoai River, which is perfect for a boat trip to full appreciate the historic ambience of the region. A relaxing trip on one of the local wooden boats costs about $3 per hour.

Budget-friendly travel
Travellers on the Viet Nam family tour that prefer not to stretch the budget are certain to appreciate this city. A stay in a small, yet charming hotel can cost in the region of $20 per night, while the luxurious stay at a 4-star beach resort will set you back about $120-$200 per night. Beer and food are cheap with a bowl of pho costing $1.50 and a bottle of beer about $1-$2. For a little pampering after a day of sightseeing, a massage session at at one of the local parlous costs between $5-$10.

Romantic setting
An al fresco dinner in a riverside cafe, cocktails in a character bar, and a stroll at sunset are just a few of the great things for couples to do in Hoi An. The Old Town and its delightful riverside are great at creating the romantic atmosphere and people on their Viet Nam honeymoon vacations should stay in Hoi An for a week or more.

The beach
For the travellers that want to experience the beach holiday, the An Bang is the main tourist beach which is located approx 5 km from town. It is a great beach area with plenty of choice to get involved with activities such as jet skiing, kayaking and windsurfing. However, this beach isn't the best surfing beach in the region. Also, there are plenty of luxury resorts nearby with the lovely landscaped gardens to sit and relax with a cocktail. Tourists on Viet Nam luxury tours can easily find a 5 star beach resort to stay during their time in Hoi An.

Great shopping
Hoi An is certain to please the tourists in search of a little retail therapy with its shoe, clothing, craft and souvenir shops, as well as the galleries. The local area is filled with skilled tailors that are itching to make a custom-made suit or dress for the passing travellers. With nearly 400 tailors in the local area there should be no issue with having an outfit made in a preferred fabric and style.

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