Fascinating Mui Ne flying sand dune
Update: Sep 22, 2017
For any tourists enjoying wonderful time and famous natural scenery in Mui Ne Tourism Area in Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province, the fascinating flying sand dune is unforgettable.

The flying sand dune gets its name from the changeable shapes and colors of the sand dune every hour and due to fragile layers of the sand dune smoothly blown by the wind.

Covering an area of nearly 50ha, the flying sand dune was formed a long time ago and is seen as a unique sand dune in the S-shaped country of Viet Nam.

Setting foot on the sand dune, tourists could feel the changes of its shapes and colors, including pink, grey, red, dark red, yellow and more. They are surprised at the sudden appearance of valleys, hilltops and different shapes such as an animal lying prostrate, a girl lying face down, and wonderful sand streams which are often called by local’s residents Tien (Fairy), Mother Au Co or Father Lac Long Quan (Mother and Father of Viet Nam) streams as a token of gratitude to the ancestors.

Changes in colors, sunshine, and winds have made the sand dune more and more attractive to tourists and become an endless inspiration for photographers and sand-painters.

According to locals, the sand dune at dawn is the most beautiful because at that time, the dune is the most colorful.

From the sand dune, tourists could view the whole beauty of Mui Ne which is surrounded by the blue sea, the color of sand, the pink of sand dune and the green line of coconut trees, altogether forming a painting of a sweet and ardent countryside.

Visiting the Mui Ne sand dune, tourists should try interesting sliding sand game and other games such as hilltop-conquering and motor racing to experience the unique changes of the flying sand dune.

When night falls, in a pure and windy atmosphere at the flying sand dune, tourists are advised to take part in community tourism activities, outdoor activities, camping and other interesting games with locals or just enjoy the sea and winds.

According to Vo Hoang Tuyet Linh, Deputy Head of the Binh Thuan Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, acknowledging the value of the flying sand dune and other landscapes in Mui Ne, the province has actively popularized and called for more investment in Mui Ne Tourism Area.

Called “Resort’s Capital of Viet Nam”, Mui Ne is an attractive, safe, friendly and quality tourist destination in Binh Thuan province with the flying sand dune as one of the most wonderful attractions.