Coconut jam - A favorite dessert of Vietnamese people
Update: Oct 12, 2017
Coconut jam, which is the great combination of coconut meat, sugar and milk, is the favorite dessert of many Vietnamese people.

It is not difficult to make coconut jam at home. Slice and wash the coconut carefully before cooking. Afterwards, pour all the sliced coconut meat into a bowl, add sugar and mix well. Wait about 5 to 6 hours for the coconut to absorb the sweetness of the white sugar.

When the sliced coconut turns transparent, pour it all into a big pan and cook on a small heat. You should pay close attention and stir frequently until the coconut meat is dried. When the jam is cool, pour it into a big basket, spread well and wait 1 day before serving.

Traditional coconut jam just has a simple white color. Apart from traditional coconut jam, which is white only, we can add colors taken from natural fruits. The yellow is taken from the juice of pineapple or passion fruit, while the red is taken from baby jackfruit or beetroot. Pandan leaves can give the jam the color of light green, while condensed coffee gives the color of brown. The purple is taken from the magenta plant or radicchio.

Home-made jam not only shows the skill of housewives but also ensures hygiene and food safety. The traditional wonderful jam is often used to serve guests during Tet (lunar New Year).

Nhandan/VOV World
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