Discovering the beauty of Thien Ha Cave in Ninh Binh Province
Update: Oct 19, 2017
(TITC) - Located in Dong Tam Hamlet, Son Ha Commune, Nho Quan District, Ninh Binh Province, Thien Ha Cave a beautiful attraction in the core zone of World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site - Trang An Landscape Complex.

Thien Ha Cave (Photo: Xuan Bach)

Thien Ha Cave is hidden in Tuong Mountain Range at the altitude of 200m. In the middle of the 10th century, this mountain range used to be a part of the solid natural wall which covered and protected the south of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital. The cave also associated with many cultural – historical relics such as Le Dynasty’s Wharf, Phat Dau Son Mountain, Dau Linh Rice Field, etc.

From Tho Ha Village in Son Ha Commune, following a small 1km-long canal, then walking on a 500m-long stone path, visitors will arrive in the cave.

The whole cave has the length of 700m, including dry and water caves. The dry cave is 40m wide and 200m long. It owns a stalactite system with various shapes which inspires the imagination of visitors. In addition, the dry cave also has a hole called as the skylight in the south side of mountain. On sunny days, natural light through the skylight reflects on stalactites to radiate vibrant colors.

Going through the dry cave, visitors will arrive in the water cave with the length of 500m. Visitors take a boat on an underneath river (also called as Galaxy) to admire countless multi-color stalactites. All make visitors feel like as lost in the fairy land.

Here, the scientists found traces of ancient Vietnamese with molluscous shells, work tools, bones of land animals, etc. The cultural layer preserved almost intact in Thien Ha Cave shows a vivid picture of the ancient Vietnamese in the New Stone Age.

With fanciful and magnificent beauty, Thien Ha Cave is the highlight of cave tourism in Ninh Binh Province.

Thu Giang