Touring to Kim Bong wood carving village in Quang Nam
Update: Nov 23, 2017
Those having a chance to take a trip to the central province of Quang Nam should make a journey to Kim Bong traditional wood carving village in Cam Kim Commune on the opposite side of the ancient town of Hoi An.

Visitors inspect wooden statues displayed at a facility

For local residents born and brought up in the region, they have been familiar with the fragrance of wood and the sounds of wood carving in the village where tourists from far and wide can get hands-on knowledge of the traditional craft village with a long-established history of hundreds of years.

The village built up its carpentry reputation in the 15th century by Northern people who migrated there to start a new life. The occupation of wood carving in Kim Bong dramatically developed in the 18th century thanks to the prosperity of Hoi An Port with three major areas of construction, household appliances and boat making, according to information on the website  

Tourists can find the mark of Kim Bong Village through sophisticated carved details at altars, furniture and pillars found in ancient houses, pagodas, temples and worshipping compartments in the UNESCO-listed ancient town of Hoi An.

After more than one century of existence and development, the career of wood carving has witnessed many ups and downs, but it has still been preserved until now thanks to those artisans with great passion and strong devotion to maintain the craft village and pass the skills down from generation to generation.

In order to reach the destination, travelers are recommended to take a boat trip around 15 minutes from Hoi An City to Kim Bong wood carving village.